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30 Days of December: 5

MERRY CHRISTMAS to those who celebrate it!!!!! I'll get through this meme as quickly as possible! ^_^

Days 1-5 | Days 6-10 | Days 11-15 | Days 15-20

Day 21: A recipe

This is a rice crispy equivalent, except you use Corn Flakes instead of Rice Crispies and it's mostly made around Christmas because you make it into a wreath shape.
(Usually there is one big wreath made instead of individual little ones). I want to share this with everyone because it is sooooo good, and such a big part of my early childhood Christmas memories. Whenever I think of Christmas as a little girl, this treat always comes to mind and for a while my aunt stopped making it, so yesterday on Christmas when she showed up with two plates of it, me and my cousins and sister freaked out over it because we hadn't had it in so long. :) It's just so tasty!

Day 22: A website
My new blog at Blogspot :) It's pretty fancy if I do say so myself. :P I mostly repost the same things over there, but my lj is more personal of course. I think me getting a Blogspot blog was really beneficial for me (for reasons that will be stated a bit later).

Day 23: A Youtube video

I love this performance of theirs! And my bb Sooyoung looks GORGEOUS as hale here! This is where my current default icon is from ^_^

Day 24: Whatever tickles your fancy

I chose this performance out of all their other Christmas performances because I thought it was cute! Plus the "Jingle Bell Rock" at the end is awesome because of SHINee and f(x)! First of all Amber from f(x) was still around and not M.I.A! And although I kind of hate the fact that they treat her like a boy (I mean I know she prefers to dress/look masculine, and I"m all for that, I LOVE Amber, but when they actually TREAT her like a boy by dressing her in a MALE hanbok that's just crossing the line for me, because no matter how masculine she chooses to dress, she still is a GIRL and when it comes to traditional hanbok, they should've dressed her in a female hanbok! After all she's in a girl group!) I thought it was really cute that she sang the part with Jonghyun and Onew hehe. :) Plus Luna+Taeyeon sing together - the best voices of kpop (though honestly I think Luna's voice is better), and then there's the Jung sisters who sing together too! ^_^ Overall, just a really cute performance. :)

Day 25: Your day, in great detail
I actually won't go into great detail because I'm trying to work on not rambling too much. This Christmas was so awesome. I helped my mom all day with decorating the house and wrapping billions of presents because this was the first time in forever that we were having a family party at my house (because my mom was finally back to host it). It was fun, I got to see family members I hadn't seen in forever, and I wore this blue dress that I promised my little brother I'd wear lol, but the real reason why this Christmas was so awesome was because of my Christmas presents.

I know, I know, it sounds so materialistic, but the thing that I love was the fact that my mom got me almost EVERYTHING from my Ultimate Christmas Wish List!!! I titled that my "Ultimate" Christmas "Wish" List because I honestly never thought I'd get any of those things, (I even said that in the original post), and I would've been fine with not getting those things because I didn't expect them AT ALL, but seriously my mom got me like almost the entire list!

Cowboy boots? Check. Red boots? Check. Uggs? (Or the ~fake equivalents) Check. Subscription to Entertainment Weekly? Check! SNSD Hoot poster? CHECK! CN Blue poster? CHECK! EDIT: Gladiator sandals? Check. SNSD Calendar? CHECK! Plus many other things, I was just really blown away by the fact that my mom actually read the list, and got me the things I wanted! I never expected her to actually get my kpop posters or a subscription, etc.

Earlier in the week my mom suggested I blog about something (that I've been meaning to blog about anyway) and I felt a little weirded out by the fact that she read my blog. I mean, I do link to it on Facebook every time I update, but I never thought she would take the time to actually read it, especially since she was in Iraq this whole time. Now I see that she really does read my blog, thoroughly too, and it really paid off and now I'm not "weirded out" by it but really thankful. It was just such a rewarding Christmas and the fact that my mom is back just made it so much better. Family parties just weren't the same without her.

Okay so there's only one more post about this meme before I start blogging back to normal and stuff! ^^ This was the Christmas edition post, so the next one will be the New Year's edition post! :)
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