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abbyelectric™ || ELPHABA♥
05 May 2029 @ 04:00 am

My name is Abby, I'm twenty & I'm an aspiring journalist.
I'm from Texas but New York is now my home♥.
I'm a feminist, vegetarian, environmentalist, fighter for gays, animals, and equality - but the only thing I'd ever try to shove down your throat are my ships and my fandoms (and the occasional recycling plea).
I'm a huge fangirl for too many fandoms, though Harry Potter will ALWAYS be my first love. Currently I'm obsessed with anything everything Korean.
Get to know me, chances are we'd have a few things in common. :)
All you have to do is comment to be added and I'll gladly accept you. :)
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abbyelectric™ || ELPHABA♥
07 January 2021 @ 02:57 pm

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abbyelectric™ || ELPHABA♥

As Daesung’s car accident continues to be investigated, the taxi driver that was rear-ended by the Big Bang star revealed that Daesung had in fact been driving at 60km/h. A police statement previously asserted that Daesung was driving at 80km/h, but YG Entertainment has spoken out and argued that there are many different factors to this incident, and that it should be regarded as a complex case.

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abbyelectric™ || ELPHABA♥
03 May 2011 @ 01:05 am
Okay so I'm like obsessed with this new book series called The Hunger Games. I blame my roommate for getting me into it. I think I just wanted something new to read since I hadn't really read anything in a while and missed the action itself (lol that sounds stupid but it's true). Anyway I know the book series isn't the greatest thing written, and there are major plotholes and whatnot, but it's entertaining and I don't take it too seriously and I just love it!

Join the Hunger games at
Banner by wildalyss

I'm totes Team Peeta btw ♥

P.S. I finally got a custom userhead! One that I actually thought suited me perfectly since I say I'm Elphaba all the time ^_^
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abbyelectric™ || ELPHABA♥
09 April 2011 @ 03:11 am
We interrupt BEDA and KPOP Month to bring you this breaking news:

Female. Mexican. Twenty. Last seen in New York. Other details unknown.

I don't even know who I am anymore.
Where's the artsy kid who liked taking photos of herself?
Now I can't even stand to look at myself in the mirror.

Why don't I listen to music with meaning anymore? The type of songs that made me scribble the lyrics in the margins of every paper, dreaming of the day I could write something as beautiful as those.
(Now I listen to music that I literally can't understand, but I'm not complaining).
I just miss the music I used to listen to. Beautiful, poetic, not "mainstream", comforting. I miss Louie's music in the car. I miss driving in a car for crying out loud.

Earlier this week I kept complaining about it being so cold in NY that I still have to wear my big coat and it's April! I'm so sick of it.
Every time I see photos of El Paso in the spring I feel a little pull in my heart, longing. I just want to wear my fucking shorts and sandals already! I never noticed the beauty of the desert in spring until now.

I haven't written poetry in two years.
I wrote my first poem a couple weeks ago and felt so happy, proud of myself - for a moment I almost felt like everything was alright again - but I know I can do better.

I just don't have the time.

It's true what they say, about New York being fast-paced.
I can't find myself because I don't have time.
Every week I struggle to keep my head above water to prove that I can survive here, to prove that I made it. To prove that the struggle was worth it.
I'm working twice as hard to make up for lost time. Two years worth.
18 credits, 300 hour internship, 1 RA class, writer for the school paper.
I need to catch up to prove that I can hack it here.

Sometimes I wish I could just scream in people's faces who never go to class or do their homework "If you don't want to be here then leave! Give your scholarships to the people who actually want to be here!" I do want to be here. I just don't want to be alone.

And sure, on a professional and academic level, this is great and everything I wanted.
But it's lonely here. So fucking lonely.
I feel like an outcast, like I don't belong here. People just don't understand.
I guess I just haven't found that group I belong to yet. I need to find friends my own age. I never realized how much a difference two years makes, but it's pretty fucking significant sometimes.
Oh well. I've gotten used to the feeling of being alone. Alone on the bus, on the streets, in class, especially on the weekends, sometimes even in group settings. I almost prefer the solidarity. Almost.

Yeah I made it to New York but I lost myself on the way here. I guess jet lag does that to you.

I just want to feel normal again. Whole.
I'm tired of getting corrected for how I speak, I'm from fucking Texas okay, we say things differently so STFU! These fucking New Yorkers I swear, if something isn't done the way they do/say it, it's wrong.
I miss speaking Spanish. And I can't speak it here because then I get bullshit Dora the Explorer responses that drive me crazy.

I just hate not knowing if I have an audience. I feel like I'm talking to no one all the time. In class, online, in person. I want a rich, stimulating conversation, discussions where I know I"ll be heard instead of talked at.

I want to be reunited, restored, reborn.
I want to belong.

I want to be in a place where the name abbyelectric means something; where I could quote musical lyrics and someone would instantly sing along with me, I want to be able to sing out loud and not be looked at weird for it.

New York is supposed to be inspirational and yet I feel completely lost, bland, uninspired. They say all the artsy kids are here, well point me in the right direction, because I can't seem to find them.
El Paso is the place full of artsy kids, indie kids, hipsters, whatever you want to call them, because I finally realize that El Paso is beautiful, artistic, full of culture - inspirational.

If there's one thing my English cultural project has done for me, it's made me appreciate my culture, where I come from. I knew I'd be homesick, but I figured it'd be that I missed my family; I never imagined I'd miss the actual place.

Where is that girl who would've written this more poetically? Where is she, that girl who's favorite band was some small indie band Mates of State (they're still my favorite band!) and not some girl pop group? (I still love SNSD!) Will I ever find my niche of eclectic kids ever again? I want to write poetry again, good poetry, but can I? Will I ever get to scrapbook again? Why am I even saving these momentos?

Maybe I'm just stuck in the past.
I just want to feel whole again.
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abbyelectric™ || ELPHABA♥
02 April 2011 @ 02:55 am
As part of BEDA (Blog Every Day in April), I have decided to do this "30 days of Kpop Meme" but will condense the posts to 3 days a post, because I want those other days to post other Kpop related stuff for my April is KPOP Month! project. :)
So without futher ado:

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abbyelectric™ || ELPHABA♥
01 April 2011 @ 11:34 pm
Okay, I'll admit I haven't blogged in forever! Like...at all in since 2010, I didn't even finish my 30 Days of December meme! But to be fair, I was in Las Vegas for New Years so I didn't really have much time to blog then lol. And ever since I've been back in school, I've been CRAZY busy, like unbelievably-no-college-student-should-be-this-busy-crazy kind of busy. And as it is I've got 4 projects due next week, not including all the projects I do for work, but I honestly I need a break, and blogging has always a way to relieve my stress, so this shall be my break!

Anyway, I had always planned to do something big blogging wise in April because April 1st is my ~Kpop anniversary lol. But as soon as I heard about "BEDA" Blog Every Day in April - it was just too perfect so now I'm doing this for sure! Hopefully I can keep up with it (lol I can already tell it'll be easier said than done but I'm going to try!)

So, as I mentioned, April 1st is my ~KPop anniversary. What I mean by that is that last year on April 1st was the first day I had EVER heard a kpop song in my life. I know it's a stupid thing to remember, but Kpop has literally turned my entire world upside down and changed my future so it's pretty significant to me.

Another reason why I remember that date so clearly is because it is April Fools Day which has a lot to do with how I first heard a Kpop song. People always ask me how I got into Kpop so I'll explain how!

Louie used to always go on this website called 4chan where it's pretty much full of brilliant trolls and where almost all internet memes are created. If you don't know what 4chan is, wiki it, it's pretty interesting. Anyway, last year as their April Fools joke they had SNSD's "Gee" playing in a loop on their website (or certain boards I'm not sure), and Louie looked up the song and voila, we came across this video!

With its shitty quality, I couldn't make out their faces, so I honestly thought they had just computer generated copies of the same person/people, idk how I thought this lol. It wasn't until the end of the video that I realized they were NINE girls and I was blow away by how IN SYNC they were with their dancing! That was what had fooled me into thinking it was just the same person copied and a change of short color or something lol. Once I realized there were nine girls the first thought was "How are they so in sync?!" and the second was "Why are there so many?!"

Then I googled "SNSD" and this is the first picture I ever saw of them. Click for full size

When I saw it, my mouth dropped, I was like "How are they all so freaking beautiful?!" And their legs, jealoussssssss. The only problem was that I couldn't tell them apart lol.

The next day I spent the entire day listening to "Gee" and watching their music video where I could finally see their faces and stuff lol. I had instantly developed a favorite, Sooyoung♥ (the furthest right) from the moment I saw her in that first photo! I don't know how, I guess because she was the first I could tell apart? Idk but I love her!

I watched all their other videos, at the time Run Devil Run had just come out, and I was shocked at how different they looked! It took me a while to figure out who was who, especially because their looks constantly kept changing! Short hair, blonde hair, "dark" concepts, etc. But it I finally figured out who was who in 8 days. That same 8th day, I joined Soshified and I knew I was sucked in for goooood.

At first I had thought it would only be SNSD that I'd like, but slowly I began listening to/liking other songs by other artists, and now all I listen to is Kpop! T_T And I constantly watch Korean tv shows and dramas and movies, etc. It's completely taken over my life! I've even become an Asian Studies minor, learning Korean (ugh I can't wait for the day that I don't have to wait for subs to come out to watch something!), and it's just changed my life completely. I still want to be a journalist, but my plans are to be a journalist in Korea. Maybe I'll get to interview an idol! :D

So, yeah. Kpop has changed my life and I'm a loser for that, but oh well. So in honor of my Kpop obsession thanks to 4chan on April 1, 2010 April will now officially be KPOP Month to me!!!
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abbyelectric™ || ELPHABA♥
27 December 2010 @ 03:16 am
MERRY CHRISTMAS to those who celebrate it!!!!! I'll get through this meme as quickly as possible! ^_^

Days 1-5 | Days 6-10 | Days 11-15 | Days 15-20

Day 21: A recipe

This is a rice crispy equivalent, except you use Corn Flakes instead of Rice Crispies and it's mostly made around Christmas because you make it into a wreath shape.
(Usually there is one big wreath made instead of individual little ones). I want to share this with everyone because it is sooooo good, and such a big part of my early childhood Christmas memories. Whenever I think of Christmas as a little girl, this treat always comes to mind and for a while my aunt stopped making it, so yesterday on Christmas when she showed up with two plates of it, me and my cousins and sister freaked out over it because we hadn't had it in so long. :) It's just so tasty!

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abbyelectric™ || ELPHABA♥
22 December 2010 @ 12:40 am
I promise more interesting blog posts will be coming, I've just been so busy with finals and packing to stay in Texas again for a month and Christmas shopping ahhh. I'm so excited for Christmas though! :)

Days 1-5 here | Days 2-10 here | Days 11-15 here

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abbyelectric™ || ELPHABA♥
16 December 2010 @ 01:53 am
I found this other December meme that was more Christmas-themed and I kinda wish I would've done that one instead but oh well, this one's still fun too! :)

Days 1-5 here & Days 6-10 here.

Day 11: A Photo of You Taken Recently

This is me and my roommate Emmie. I'm on the right. And we are decked out in Harry Potter paraphernalia...because we were at the Deathly Hallows Part 1 midnight premiere hehe.

Days 12-15Collapse )
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